About the Author

"Crimson Sunset." 2006, acrylic on canvas

"Crimson Sunset." 2006, acrylic on canvas

My name is Danielle LaPorte.  I have lived in Ontario all my life, and am currently residing in London.   In case you may be wondering due to the nature of this website, I am neither visually nor hearing impaired.  I am, however, interested in the ways that art helps various people to cope with their problems, including the obstacles faced by individuals with sensory deficits.

In high school, I took almost every visual art and English course available, participating in the art club and taking extracurricular art classes.  Although I still maintain an interest in art, I have gradually changed my academic focus toward the social sciences in a quest for more knowledge about the world.  However, I am constantly striving to strike a balance between the realms of art and science.   For instance, language fascinates me, for it incorporates both artistic and scientific aspects.

"To Wander, To Wonder..." 2009, acrylic on canvas

"To Wander, To Wonder..." 2009, acrylic on canvas

I am currently studying psychology at the University of Western Ontario, with a newly discovered specific interest in psycholinguistics.  However, I continue to indulge myself in various courses in art and literature at the  post-secondary level.  My most recent painting, seen to the right, was completed as a project for a first year studio art course, in which we were assigned the task of incorporating the photographs of two different spaces together to create a new space in the painting.

In the future, I plan to apply to graduate school in the hopes of studying speech pathology and/or art therapy in order to eventually apply my knowledge to help those in need.


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