Deaf Musicians

Evelyn Glennie

Evelyn Glennie playing the marimba

Evelyn Glennie playing the marimba

This Scottish Grammy-award winning solo percussionist has an internationally successful musical career, despite the fact that she lost her hearing due to nerve damage at the age of 12 years.  Her homepage boasts that, in addition to working with classical orchestras, she has collaborated with DJ Yoda, Nana Vasconcelos, Kodo, Bela Fleck, Bjork, Bobby McFerrin, Sting, Emmanuel Ax, Kings Singers, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and Fred Frith.  She has a published autobiography, entitled Touch the Sound and has collaborated with director Thomas Riedelsheimer on the film Touch the Sound.  In a powerful presentation, Evenlyn Glennie demonstrates how to listen with the entire body.  She also lobbies for the musical education of deaf.

Sean Forbes

Sean Forbes rapping & signing on stage

Sean Forbes rapping & signing on stage

This American rap artist and musician plays the drums and the guitar.  The music video of his single “I’m Deaf” is posted on his homepage.
Sean Forbes co-founded the Deaf Performing Artists Network in 2007 (now known as the Deaf Professional Arts Network) to increase the accessibility of music videos by enhancing them with American Sign Language (ASL).  This organization has released a number of DVDs that compile pop music song videos with ASL, allowing deaf people to experience the music of popular culture.


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